How to Find the Best Catering Services Company?

When you are looking for a catering services agency, it is difficult to determine whether you have found the best service for your event or not. It is difficult to know but it is extremely important to find the best because a slight mistake may lead a disaster. This guide will help you to find the best caterer to handle your event.

1. Ask for recommendations:
This is the best way to discover the best caterers. Ask your friends and family members about caterers that they had hired. Ask about the quality of the services and the prices of the services. Make a list of the best caterers and start comparing each other.
You can also ask event planners if you know any. They always have a list and will help you a lot to find the best caterer who will meet your expectations.

2. The speciality of the caterer:
There are two main types of caterers; caterers who are specialized in big events and those who specialize in small events.
The caterers that specialize in big events can handle small events too but it does not work the other way around so you have to ask about the speciality of the caterer to make sure that he/she will be able to handle your event properly.

3. The experience:
Ask the caterer about the previous events that he had served. Ask if he/she did a similar event as yours and how did it go. If the business has a website, check it out for reviews from the previous clients.
Check out the quality of the food and the safety of it. Ask about the health standards that the business follow to keep the food clean.
You may also ask about if the caterer has taken any catering classes to make sure he/she knows the latest and best ways to handle his/her job.

4. The license:
That is essential in the searching process. Check the licence and ask about the caterer and the whole agency at the local department of health and make sure that the business is good and there are any complaints or issues that the caterer has not told you.

5. Samples:
Most professional caterers don’t refuse to make a sample of how everything will go during the event. They will do a sample for the food, the services, the table, the menus, the emergency cases and the other aspects of the catering services. The sample should include persons from the staff who will serve during the event.
If the catering services include making th food, ask the manager for some samples of the food too to make sure that the quality of the food is great.
Samples are not free. You will pay for them whether you have a contract with the caterer or not.

6. The contract:
Read the contract well and make sure that everything is OK before signing it or paying anything.

7. The list:
Provide the caterer with a list of what you need. The caterer will want to provide you with every possible thing but the price will be so high so make him/her just commit to your list.

How to Charge for Food Delivery Services?

You will not deliver food for free and also you will not deliver it for its exact price. You need to estimate your price according to some factors to make benefits and cover the expenses of your business.
You work in the food industry and it is not just about you but the whole industry wants to make benefits and they all work together from the owner of the restaurant to you.
Let’s see how to estimate your price as a food delivery services agent.

1. The vehicle costs:
The vehicle is a main part of the delivery process. Coverage of its costs should be paid by your customers according to the expenses that the vehicle will take.
Determine the charges of the vehicle like the fuel costs, the maintenance costs and parking charges. Don’t forget that you work in the food delivery and your vehicle should have some standards regarding the health issues so make sure to include the costs of this too. It is better if you have an annual plan of what the vehicle may charge.
Include these costs in your annual plan of your whole business.
Try to estimate a fixed price for normal deliveries and long-distance deliveries and go ahead; your plan now is perfect.

2. Labour Costs:
You will not deliver the same amount of food each time. Delivering 5 meals will not charge as delivering one meal and of course will not be as delivering 50 meals. There is no fixed price for the delivery that way you underrate your business. You should deal by a package. If the meals are five or less, the delivery will have a certain price. If it is between 6 and 10, it will cost more and so on.
The precautions differ and according to the distance, the time will differ too. If it is a large amount of meals, it will take more time and effort so you need to charge for this time and effort too.

3. Competition:
The vehicle costs and labor costs of nearly all your competitors will be the same. Now it is time to be unique and do not charge more than your competitors. Keeping your price fair enough will give your customer that he/she pays for the food and the service without being cheated. They will deal with you again because you are honest.
Be clear to the client that the price of the meal will be this amount of money and the delivery service will cost this amount of money; don’t just make him/her pat when the food arrives.

4. Taxes:
Delivery is considered a service and it is not under the normal tax codes. What you need to check is the customers’ tax liability for deliveries as meals are considered as goods. If your location is on the border between two cities, you will pay taxes according to the system of the city where your activities run and by that I mean where your customers live. This sometimes gets very disturbing especially if you have a contract with far away companies so make sure to understand the whole system before starting.

How to Become a Professional Caterer?

Catering services are fun if you like it so much but work is work; it is challenging. Working as a caterer may seem easy but actually you need to understand that it is not just about making food and serving it. There are a lot of things that you need to pay attention to so let’s discover the most important points that you need to take care of to become a professional caterer.

1. The place of work:
Where you want to work as a caterer is important to decide. There are two main places for working; home and restaurant and both require you to have some food safety certificates.
If you want to open a business, you will need three main things.
A shop. The shop should be in a place that is crowded with the type of customers that you will serve food to. For example, if you will open a lunchtime catering services business, you will need a place near schools and companies.
The suitable equipment for the type of services you will run.
A safety building license and a small business license.
If you will run your business from home, you will need three main things too.
A way that your staff can handle the job without running your home.
Two kitchens; one kitchen will be for your family and a bigger one for the business.
A license to run this home service and safety food and place licenses.

2. Be prepared for all kinds of situations:
Any business that deals with different kinds of clients will put the business owner and the staff under pressures from time to time. You as the owner of the place will face problems like unprofessional employees, rude customers and burnt food at least once a week. Try your best to handle the situations professionally and always have back up plans that you can use at any time.

3. Practice and training:
If you are fond of food, you may practice for this job every day without even realizing that you do. When you decide to open a professional business, you need to promote from the amateur level of being a caterer to becoming professional. Learn more ways of making and serving food and try what you have learnt at a party then ask your friends and family for their honest feedbacks.
Training is for the inexperienced employees who want to work at the catering business. They will work for you for less money but they will do a lot of mistakes. The best thing to do is to hire some professional caterers and let the beginners learn from them step by step.

4. You just want to be a caterer:
Some people love to serve food but making food puts a lot of pressure on them. If you are one of these people, just make a deal with a restaurant to work for him as a professional caterer. You will do what you love most and you will be put under any pressures.

This will help you start your career as a professional caterer. Enjoy both your work and your passion.